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Does the MG ZS EV really need Window Tinting in Australia?

Picture of MG ZS EV with tinted window introducing Elec Car Australia YouTube Video on Car Tinting

MG ZS EV Window Tinting in Australia. Living with an Electric Car in the Subtropics.

The following Blog Post is from one of our many free EV informational YouTube videos. This one covers window tinting of our MG ZS EV. The video was posted on 09/05/2021 and available to watch here: Does the MG ZS EV really need Window Tinting in Australia? Living with an Electric Car in Subtropics.

In this EV Blog we chat about our experience owning the MG ZS EV here in sub-tropical Queensland Australia. Welcome to Electric Car Australia and our latest video asking the question does the MG ZS EV need window tinting here in Australia, especially in Queensland.

Well the short answer is YES! We’d read in electric car forums and spoken to overseas EV owners, even those in the UK where it’s notoriously overcast, all agreed window tinting was not only a good investment but a necessity with the MG ZS EV. Within 2 days of picking our new MG electric car up in November, the middle of a Queensland summer, we also agreed tinting was a must have and booked the car in for a tint job.

In our free YouTube EV Video we show some before and after shots to show the colour and darkness of the tint we selected. Being in Qld our primary motivation for having it installed though was UV and heat rejection, not dark coloured windows.

We Tint Windows in Slacks Creek was recommended by a fellow EV owner, Andy from Unplugged EV (link to YouTube Channel below), so being just down the road from Us was a perfect EV tinting solution. We dropped in to ask some questions, get some advice and estimate on costs. We were very impressed with the professionalism and workmanship after looking at a couple of completed tint jobs on cars waiting for owners to pick them up and sticking our head into the workshop to see the guys in action.

We booked in to have a 30% tint installed on all windows, except windscreen – tinting is illegal in Australia, with maximum metallic content in the tint to ensure we got absolute maximum UV and heat rejection. This was for 2 reasons.

First; our Qld summers are very hot and the interior of cars are extremely uncomfortable even with running air conditioning. Second; The Australian sun is very harsh and UV rays make short work of a human arm or leg with driver and passenger’s alike getting sunburn in no time at all. Realistically; I also don’t think for the price of the MG ZS EV the quality of the interior materials would last too many years without this additional protection so quality window tinting now is a good investment.

We talked about not tinting the full length ZS EV sunroof and why we didn’t do this. We also let you in on a little work around we’re looking at to reduce the heat coming into the MG EV’s cabin through the sunroof even with the fabric blind closed. More on this in a future video so click that ‘Subscribe’ button.

Total cost for the tint and fitting was AUD $490 including GST and a tint band across the top of front windscreen. The overall job and product has a lifetime Warranty so that gave Us confidence these guys back up their workmanship. We were very happy with the quality of the tint and service we received from We Tint Windows so, like Andy from Unplugged EV, we also definitely recommend these guys if you live near Brisbane and looking for a quality tint job for your electric pride and joy.

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