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Charge an Electric Car at Home Cheaply Using a Standard Power Point.

How to Easily Charge and Electric Car at Home Cheaply. EV Charging 101: using a Standard Power Point.

The following is commentary on our latest YouTube video on Economical Home EV Charging. The video was posted on 30/05/2021. If you would like to watch the video it’s available available here: Electric Car Australia – 101 of EV Home Charging using a PowerPoint.

Welcome to Electric Car Australia and our latest video showing just how easy and cheap it is to charge an electric vehicle or EV at home using a regular Australian Power Point. We demonstrate charging our MG ZS EV using a regular 10 amp power point and also discuss using a 15 amp AC charger which delivers approximately 60% faster charging than a normal 10 amp outlet.

We aimed to keep this video simple, providing an introduction or 101 lesson on ‘Home Charging an EV OR Plug in Hybrid’, but as usual we get a bit off track and make it longer than it probably should be. Once we start talking about electric cars our interest and excitement takes over and we just get further and further into the detail, so apologies!

We briefly explain the difference in alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) with the focus of this video on AC EV charging. We show you the different types of AC EV charging plugs available around the world. Historically the most popular was the type 1 or J 1772 which can still be found mainly on USA and Japanese electric vehicles. More recently the most popular type of EV charging plug used by electric car manufacturers is the type 2 or Mennekes. The type 2 charger plug is fast becoming the global standard, with the type 1 expected to be phased out over the next 5 or so years.

Next up, we showcase two different types of portable chargers (or Granny leads), one of which will generally be included free of charge when you purchase your new electric car (or plug in hybrid). We cover the pro’s and con’s of each charger. While the benefit of the 10amp version is it can plug into any of the millions of standard power points in Australia, the downside is it delivers only 10 – 12 kilometers of EV charging per hour. Given average daily distances travelled by passenger vehicles in Australia is only 36 kilometers we ask the question is this really a problem for most Australian’s daily use?

Doing regular regional road trips or daily driving of more than 100 kilometers and you might consider a larger capacity electric car charger. The next step up is a 15 amp Portable or Granny Charger with the advantage of providing 18 -20 kilometers EV charging per hour. However the drawback is 15 amp power outlets are not as common, however are still wide spread and it’s amazing how many are actually around once you start looking or asking for them. They are often available where larger electrical appliances or machines and tools are used.

Even quicker EV home and workplace charging options are available but these cost more and require electrician installation so we don’t cover them in this video on basic EV home charging. Stay tuned (Click Subscribe & the Bell icon) for Video 2 in our YouTube Video Series on electric car charging for this information. In video 2 we will showcase various type 2, AC home chargers including going through pricing and install costs for the chargers, showing how to use them and the time each one takes to charge different electric cars.

With the introduction to EV charging stuff out of the way, we plug in our MG ZS EV using the 10 amp portable EV charger to demonstrate just how easy, convenient and cheap (free if you’re on Solar) it is to charge and electric car at home. While the EV is charging we discuss some other relevant info and we give you some tips and tricks to decide what sort of home charging will best suit your EV, lifestyle and driving habits. We think these tips are invaluable and will be helpful in your early planning for life with an EV. It’s often these simple things which are overlooked early on but could save you thousands of dollars if put into your early EV researching and decision making.

Well that’s it for another Electric Car Australia YouTube Video commentary. We trust you’ve learnt something new about EV Home Charging and if you haven’t please click ‘Subscribe’ and hit the ‘Bell’ icon to make sure you don’t miss our next Video so we know you will get it.

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