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MG ZS EV Refresh – an Aussie EV owners 2 bobs worth

MG ZS EV Refresh – we take an in-depth look and compare to our current model EV. Electric Car Australia

Australia’s second most popular EV is getting a refresh. In our recent YouTube electric car video we look past the cosmetic stuff and get into the detail, taking an in depth look at what’s changed, when it might hit Aussie showrooms and talk about the pro’s and cons of holding off buying until the refresh arrives. There’s a lot to get through so grab a drink, a snack and settle in.

MG ZS EV 2021 Refresh – EU model Electric Car

Welcome and thanks for joining us @electriccaraustralia for another video on our EV ownership experience here in Australia. As mentioned this video will be a bit different as we’re looking at the refreshed model of our own personal car, the 2020 model MG ZS EV which was the first generation 100% electric version in the ZS series. So after checking out the new refreshed model we’ll make some comparisons against our experience with the current model ZS EV and of course look forward to getting your thoughts and comments some please leave some after you watch the video, so enough chat, lets get into it!

Firstly we do a brief history of SAIC, the largest auto maker in China with 516k vehicles sold in in Sept with 64k being 100% BEV & PHEV an over 230% inc over last year. We find the original ZS EV sold 15k units in Europe in its first year. Then we look at other left hand drive markets like Australia and see the new refreshed ZS EV is going on sale in the UK from 1 November 2021 and we’re thinking Australian showrooms might get by Nov 2023 if we’re lucky.

MG has released 2 new models in the refresh, the top of the range model called Luxury in EU or Trophy in UK. The base model is called Comfort in EU or SE in UK. Both models will be available with 2 battery options although at first only the larger battery in UK. Batteries options are long range with 70 kW/h giving a 375 km real world or standard battery giving 270 km real world.

MG ZS EV 2021 Refresh – 500kg Towing Capacity for an Electric Car

Power output of the electric drivetrains is up as is top speed of the new refreshed models, up 25% at 175km/h but torque is down slightly. Unladen weight of both models has increased but pleasingly so has the payload, up nearly 20% so that means you can carry more stuff and they even have a 500kg towing capacity which is a great addition.

Regen braking is also now available when using MG Pilot or adaptive cruise control which is also a welcome update. Two new colours in blue and silver have been added, a filled in grill, flat badge and offset side hinged charge pot beside a centre parking camera a nice additions.

The aero improvements along with technical improvements and a slightly higher profile tyre has provided the refreshed models an approx. 5% or 0.32 km extra gain in range per kW/h than ZS EV model. Vehicle to Load capability is also standard, allowing you to run 240 volt appliances directly from your MG EV. LED headlights and taillights have also been added.

Reach adjustment has been added to steering, climate control HVAC system, and new 7” fully digital instrument cluster replaces analogue gauges. Improved software shows charging stats, charge timer etc. Infotainment touchscreen has been improved and enlarged to 10.1 inch and includes DAB+ radio, wireless ph charger, rear seat armrest and headrest on centre rear seat has been added.

Another big improvement is the ISmart connectivity availability via an App. This is a welcome addition adding remote functionality like pre heating/cooling and charging control. We also take a guess at Australian pricing based on the EU prices. Finally we make some comparisons to our current model.

MG ZS EV 2021 Refresh – offset electric car charge port

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