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About us

Electric Car and Vehicle Advice Australia provides everyday Australian’s with independent, easy to understand, real world advice about electric cars, electric vehicles (EV’s) and related technologies.

We make it easy for Aussies to research, understand and experience the excitement of electric cars through our flexible 1 on 1 consultation, EV advice and test drive service. Understanding the differences between electric cars and petrol or diesel vehicles is important when deciding if an electric vehicle is right for you. Have all your EV questions answered in one meeting ensuring you get the independent EV advice you need to save time and money before you talk to a dealer.

Your assured our advice is independent and trustworthy as our ‘pay for service’ consultation and information sessions mean we work for YOU and because we own and drive electric vehicles our advice and research comes from genuine, local Australian everyday experience.

EV Advice Team

Greg Spedding, Founder and EV Specialist

Hi, my names Greg Spedding a passionate electric car owner, advocate and EV educator with over 20+ years practical experience in renewable energy, sustainable living and electric vehicles (EVs).

My electric car ownership and hands on EV interest and expertise is a natural progression from my personal desire for more efficient and sustainable ways to live. Since building my first off grid photovoltaic (PV) solar system in 1997 I have been working with practical, affordable and safe sustainable living technologies.

My family’s electric car is a daily driver and having travelled many thousands of kilometres driving an electric vehicle within metropolitan and regional areas of Australia, including using all types of EV chargers and charging methods available. We charge our EV from our two solar PV systems (both on and off-grid) including battery so I can also provide advice, tips and tricks in these areas as well as general home energy and efficiency.

With a determination to advocate for improved community health and climate resilience along with increasing energy independence and reducing ongoing running costs I’m happy to say electric cars and vehicles assist in meeting these challenges. I would love to share my experience with you to help you decide if they also meet your needs.

Get in touch; I’m eager to hear all your questions and provide easy to understand, independent answers to help you decide if an EV is right for you, your family, business or community group.


We are active, proud members of the following organisations:

– Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA)
– Alternative Technology Association (Trading as Renew)
– Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia Inc (CORENA)
– Solar Citizens
– Numerous Australian and overseas Electric Vehicle online forums