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MG ZS EV eco-Range Test of an Electric Car in Australian Summer.

MG ZS EV eco-Range Test of an Electric Car in Australian Summer. How far on full charge & what kWh/100km consumption on Motorway?

Here’s the Blog and YouTube video our Australian EV fans have been waiting for; the motorway eco range test of our MG ZS EV in an Australian Summer. Brisbane to Byron Bay return without a charge. Welcome to Electric Car Australia and our Blog post based on our free YouTube video to see what the longest distance we can possibly get from a single charge in our MG ZS EV.

While not that relevant for day to day driving we thought it would be cool to do it just out of interest, plus it was a great day for a drive…..although using the air con would have been much more pleasant.

To achieve the best possible range, we took as much weight out of the electric car as possible and chose a warm 30-34 degree day with slight breezes and as flat as possible route which was on a 110 kilometer motorway.

Travelling south from Brisbane in Qld to beautiful Byron Bay in NSW and returning to Brisbane we drove at a maximum of 90km/h and didn’t use any air conditioning or other accessories, besides the radio in the infotainment system.

Total distance achieved for this motorway eco test drive on a full charge was 303 klms with an average consumption over the test of 12.9kWh per 100klms with and average speed of 63km/h. Total energy consumed to recharge the battery after the trip was 50kWh and we provide some commentary on what makes this figure up given the MG ZS EV’s total battery capacity is only 44.5kWh.

We’ve included some commentary and screen shots of the various dash and charger stats over the day and a sneak peek of the stunning day it was on the Gold Coast with a shot of Palm Beach.

Overall; we were very impressed with the economy and efficiently of the MG ZS EV given this was a motorway test. Of course we’re looking to do a similar test but being a more real world EV test with a 30% or so load, air conditioning on and using other accessories as you would in day to day electric car driving at normal motorway speeds.

Also; we want to do a metro/city eco EV test to see how many kilometers we can get from a full charge around town. This should be much better than the motorway test and we would expect around 330+kilometres from this test given the lower speeds and significant benefit of regenerative braking putting energy back and charging the battery.

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