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MG ZS EV Pilot. Semi-autonomous driving Brisbane to Yamba.

What is MG Pilot & how does it work on the MG ZS EV? MG semi-autonomous driving Brisbane to Yamba.

In this week’s EV Blog Post from our free Electric Car YouTube video we take you back on the road and show just how easy and useful the MG ZS EV suite of Driver Assistance features are, including the MG Pilot functionality.

Welcome to Electric Car Australia and our EV Blog and EV YouTube video featuring our recent road trip in the MG ZS EV from Brisbane Queensland to Yamba on the North Coast of New South Wales. We needed to make a quick trip down and back in the same day and thought it an ideal time to take you guys along for the ride and show you the MG Pilot functionality in the MG ZS EV.

We had a great trip in the ZS EV with all sorts of weather from fine, overcast, pouring rain as well as a head wind going down, then a tail wind coming home to Brisbane. Average consumption achieved over the total trip, a distance of 527 kilometers which was mostly on 110km motorway, was 16.1 kWh/100klms. We thought this wasn’t bad considering the variable weather, road conditions and higher freeway speeds we were travelling at. The consumption also included having wipers on high given the considerable rain we encountered and headlights later in the trip as we arrived home after dark.

In the EV video we talk you through and show how to turn on, set and monitor the driver assistance features including the adaptive cruise control and MG Pilot semi-autonomous driving features in the MG ZS EV. Because we’re recording while we’re on the road so actually see the MG ZS EV managing the semi-autonomous driving, including a sudden stop in Gold Coast road works traffic, with little and at some time no input from me as the driver.

We also make the suggestion, if you have an MG ZS EV or are thinking of renting or leasing one check out pages 178 to 185 of the hard copy Owner’s Manual, which comes with the EV, for more info on the Adaptive Cruise Control system and pages 200 to 224 for info on the other Driver Assist systems, including the MG Pilot semi-autonomous driving feature. Even though these ZS EV safety systems are easy to use it’s worth reading these instructions first so you have a good understanding of the ZS EV’s capability and constraints before hitting the road and using them for the first time.

Finally, we take you on a quick tour of the ‘The Farm’ near Byron Bay, while we charge the MG ZS EV. The Farm is a beautiful tourist stop tasty made in house bakery breads and snacks to go with quality coffee which we always grab while waiting for a charge. Meals also look great but are priced a bit out of range for a fledgling EV Youtuber so we can’t vouch for the taste 🙂

Other good facilities available include a great kids outdoor playground and clean toilets for drivers. Just of the main motorway at Ewingsdale The Farm is open 7 days per week with various hours for different parts of the farm open between 7am to 9pm. It is has convenient free 50kWh EV fast charging facilities in the car park courtesy of the NRMA. These are accessible 24 hours although you won’t have bathroom facilities when The Farm is closed.

On the way back to Brisbane we struck heaps of heavy rain and the MG ZS EV’s wipers working overtime to keep the screen clear. Towards the end of the EV Video on the trip home you’ll also see a beautiful Queensland winter sunset as we come back into Brisbane on the motorway after dark. We do a quick wrap up chat about the trip and summarise the electric car stat’s of the trip.

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