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RACQ Motorfest 2021 – Classic Cars of the Past + Todays Electric Cars.

Introduction photo for Electric Car Advice Australia Blog Post of RACQ Motorfest 2021 Event

RACQ Motorfest 2021 – Classic Cars of the Past + Todays Electric Cars & Vehicles. Sustainable Transport options.

In this week’s EV Blog Post we cover the recent RACQ Motorfest held in the Brisbane Ekka Showgrounds where we displayed our MG ZS EV along with other electric cars from fellow Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) members.

Welcome to Electric Car Australia and our free EV YouTube video showcasing our recent presentation at RACQ Motorfest 2021 in Brisbane. Held in the Brisbane Ekka Showgrounds nearly ten thousand (10,000) people passed through the gates on a beautiful Queensland winters day.

We attended and displayed our MG ZS EV electric car along with other Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) members. Displaying EV’s such as the BMW i3, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi Miev, Hyundai Kona and a converted Hilux Ute just to name a few.

Watch our EV Video as we take you through the RACQ ‘Future Zone’ showcasing new Electric Vehicles coming soon to the Australian market and also some Hybrid’s. If you’ve watched our previous videos you would know we’re not fans of hybrids as they really are a pretend EV, especially the ones which aren’t plug in hybrids.

Unfortunately Toyota has been for years using marketing spin to sell ‘self-charging hybrids’ which are just a petrol motor charging a very, very small battery to run an electric motor, so in other words a fossil fueled vehicle, with a petrol internal combustion engine. Plug-in hybrids are slightly better having a larger battery and being able to charge from the electricity grid, providing short distance travel on 100% electric before switching over to the petrol or diesel internal combustion engine to continue driving.

In the video you’ll see one hundred percent (100%) battery electric vehicles (BEV), hybrids and plug-in hybrids including the new Volvo XC40, Mazda MX-30, Jaguar i-Pace, Suburu Forester as well as other EV’s including the Evoke Electric Motorcycle and CT-Kargo Electric from EMoS Australia plus many more.

After walking through the future zone and showing the fantastic EV’s on show as well as electric car charging infrastructure and associated technologies we head into the main shed to have a look at some absolutely immaculately presented classic cars from Australia and around the world at around the twelve (12) minute fifteen (15) second mark in the video. Unfortunately we didn’t see all the classic cars as we got in before the show opened so owners were still arriving and setting up and we literally run out of time to walk around all the displays.

Once the gates opened people flooded in and we spent the next five (5) hours flat out answering questions about the MGZSEV as well as thousands of general questions on owning and driving and electric car in Australia. So much so we lost our voice by the end of the day, but hey we didn’t mind as we love spreading the word about EV’s.

So that’s it for another EV video. Thanks for watching and if you haven’t please click ‘Subscribe’ and hit the ‘Bell’ icon to make sure you don’t miss our next EV Video. If you can, please click the link below to donate via Paypal. We thank you for your support and look forward to your reading your comments and suggestions for more Videos on EV’s or sustainable living in Australia.

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Prices start from a low fifty dollars ($50) for expert EV advice so a great value investment before you spend the big bucks on going electric. Stay safe and remember going electric improves community health, the environment and your back pocket!

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