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Fitting Mud Spats/ Flaps to MG ZS EV Electric Car.

Fitting Mud Spats/ Flaps to MG ZS EV Electric Car inc Demonstration and Tips for Changing a Wheel/ Tyre.

Want to customise or pimp your new MG ZS EV? We did, and we started out with some low cost, practical MG accessories to make our electric car ownership experience more pleasant…especially the keeping it clean part.

Welcome to Electric Car Australia and our latest Blog Post from our free YouTube EV video showing us fitting genuine MG accessory mud spats or mud flaps on our Australian model MG ZS EV. We started out thinking this would be an easy 15-20 min job but ended up even removing wheels and checking out the braking system. Keep watching to see all the fun we had!!

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The MG EV mud flaps spats or flaps cost $35 from MG Dealers and can be viewed online. They fitted really well and we think they look good and will be a big help in keeping the EV a little cleaner on our sometime dusty, sometime muddy and messy Australian roads. Us Aussies sometimes call them ‘goat tracks’ as they resemble more of a un-maintained track then a publicly funded roadway but that’s a subject for another video.

The genuine MG ZS EV mud flaps or spats set (MG Part Number 2813080021) includes everything you need for fitting including 4 rubber feel, flexible plastic mud spats with fitting screws included. The mud spats fit really nicely and were easy to install except we had to remove the back wheels to fit the rear mud spats. We could have worked around it by using a right angled screwdriver we decided to take the wheels off to make it a lot easier.

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Owning and driving an electric car is really not that different to any fossil fuelled or internal combustion cars or vehicles you might have owned, or still own, but they are way easier and more fun to drive. If you don’t’ own and EV and haven’t already driven one we really encourage you to take an EV for a test drive, preferably overnight so you can get a good feel for it including charging from a normal Australian powerpoint. Alternatively if you live in the Brisbane area we offer drives in our MG ZS EV as part of our electric vehicle advice service – see below.

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That’s it for another week. Until we meet again; stay safe, be good and stay charged in 2021.

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