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EV 70% Cheaper to Fuel v Petrol Model on Road Trip & Camping | Electric Car Australia

As a family we love getting out of the city and camping in the many beautiful reserves and campgrounds we have in Australia and if you can travel to your destination pollution free, in comfort all the better.

EV Camping at Boreen Point (Noosa)

So it is with out recent overnight camping trip featured in this video with us travelling tailpipe emission free in our MG ZS EV electric car from Brisbane up to Boreen Point near Noosa and back again, all for only $14.20 compared to $50 for a petrol model MG ZS. An amazing outcome with a 70% saving on fuel costs PLUS no toxic free tailpipe emissions, and keep in mind we were fully loaded and had a roof pod on!

Want more info on this great trip – Check out our recent EV camping trip on our Australian EV YouTube Channel – Electric Car Australia here:

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Brisbane to Noosa EV Electric road trip saves heaps compared to petrol model car

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