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Home EV Charger Installs – All Your Questions Answered – Interview with ReGen EV

Electric Car Australia YouTube Channel interviews ReGen EV Charger Installs and talks about every related to home ev charger considerations.

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Hi, welcome to Electric Car Australia the Aussie EV & Sustainable living YouTube Channel. My names Greg and today I’m talking to a Arran, a local electrician who specialises in EV Charging. For over 25 years ReGen EV Charger Install have been providing EV drivers with advice and installation of home EV chargers and commercial operators the most fit for purpose EV charging solutions for their Customers.

Today I ask Arran the most common questions I get related to home charging and some of his answers might surprise you. I hadn’t thought of some so I hope you also learn things you didn’t know about home EV charging. Enjoy.

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Timestamps are below for the content featured in the Video

00:00 Intro
00:58 The REGEN EV work vehicle, Nissan Leaf and Tesla X owner
01:48 Qualifications required to install EV Chargers
04:00 Home or commercial installs? What’s the most common lEV Charger install?
05:20 Basic features and benefits of different EV charger types
05:35 What is a ‘dumb’ EV charger?
06:09 Benefits of a ‘smart’ solar aware home EV charger
07:00 Comparing a portable ‘granny’ EV charger with a level 2 home charger
07:30 Comments on the Smappee high end, connected home, smart EV charger
08:25 Comments on the Zappi ‘smart’ EV home charger
08:55 Considerations when choosing a home EV charger in the Hot Australian climate
09:30 EV Charger limitations in hot climates like Australian summers
10:00 EV home charger maintenance, wear and tear considerations
11:00 EV charger maintenance in commercial applications
12:09 Our interest in the Fronius Wattpilot go level 2 portable smart EV charger
12:22 Prices of most popular, quality EV home chargers in Australia
12:50 Tesla Gen 3 wall connector – Australia’s cheapest universal level 2 home EV charger
13:25 What about cheap online EV home chargers from Ebay or AliExpress?
14:00 Zappi and Ocular – good mid-priced home EV chargers
14:30 What’s the difference between a smart and dumb ev charger?
15:46 ZJ Beny EV charger – the new load balancing EV charger in single or 3 phase
16:30 Considerations for commercial EV charger installs
16:50 Top 3 most popular EV charger models and installs
16:59 Tesla Gen 3 wall socket EV charger
17:10 Three phase wall socket option for EV charging
17:40 Ocular level 2 EV charger
18:00 Flexibility advantages with 3 phase socket install for home portable EV charging
18:30 Future video on Electric Car Australia’s experience with Fronius 3 phase portable smart charger
19:20 Considerations and safety caution – buying cheap online EV chargers
20:00 Be aware of Australian and European CE Standards with cheap home EV chargers online
21:05 Home insurance and EV charger considerations
21:18 Do you have to buy an EV charger from your EV dealer
22:36 Are dealer branded charger like Porsche, BMW or Mercedes better quality
23:05 Home chargers are not actually EV chargers, charger is in vehicle
23:15 What is electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)
23:50 Consider for EV charging when you’re building a new home or house
24:20 Advantages of 3 phase electricity for EV charging in a new build
25:00 Options for EV charging with single phase when building a house
25:40 Do you always need maximum, fastest EV charger
25:55 Future proofing your new build home for later installing EV charging
26:20 Considerations when retro filling older homes with EV home chargers
27:00 Considerations when upgrading switchboards and mains supply
27:35 Best switchboard locations for cheapest EV charger install
28:00 Minimising the cost of future EV charger install when building a house
29:25 What are different levels of install prices for EV home charging
31:31 EV charger install demand – how long to wait for charger install
33:12 What is cheapest Price for basic, simple EV home charger install in Australia
33:40 How much extra does a three phase home EV charger install cost in Australia
34:15 Can all houses get 3 phase power for EV charger
34:55 What if I cant install and EV charger at my house
35:25 Public EV charging from street light and lamp posts – a great idea
36:40 What if you live in a unit block and want EV charging
37:40 What are the most common questions about installing EV home chargers
38:10 Is faster EV charging better
39:08 Is it worth spending the extra money for a fancy, smart home EV charger?
40:15 Closing – thanks to Arran from ReGen EV Charging Install for interview on EV level 2 home charging.

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