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Power Pole EV Charger – Charging the MG ZS EV on EVX PoleCharger

Greg from Electric Car Australia YouTube channel standing with EVX PoleCharger, public power pole EV charger in Newcastle, NSW.

On one of our many EV road trips in the MG ZS EV we recently dropped into Merewether Beach near Newcastle for the kids to have a swim. Conveniently located at the adjacent Dixon Park is a great little coffee shop with outdoor seating and a VERY SPECIAL electricity power pole upon which hangs an EVX PoleCharger EV Charger.

In this educational EV video I take a look around this convenient beachside location, go through the charger stats of these duel port level two, 22kW AC chargers and of course put the PoleCharger to good use by charging our MG ZS EV while the kids are hitting the surf. As a first time user I go through using the App, charging our MG EV, the speed and costs of the charge as well as a few other general tips for safe EV charging while your on the road. I also talk about the recent NSW Govt’s funding announcement to fast track the installation of another 500 pole mounted EV chargers across NSW.

Whether you’re and EV owner with no off street parking or just want to add a couple of hours of charge while at an event or shopping these pole chargers are an economical and convenient way to charge and EV.

I’m sure you will enjoy the video and I cant wait to read your comments to hear what you think about these AC EV chargers and also your experience if you have used them to top up or fully charge your EV. If you’re new to the channel, be sure to Subscribe and hit that Bell icon so you don’t miss any new videos and it also really does help me with promoting my EV channel to new viewers and of course it’s free and easy. If you can spare a couple of dollars that’s always appreciated, donation and supporter links below, and this helps with the costs of gear, software etc. and the odd day off work here and there to shoot a special episode. Until next time, stay safe!

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2 thoughts on “Power Pole EV Charger – Charging the MG ZS EV on EVX PoleCharger”

  1. Hi Greg, I found your channel while surfing Youtube on my TV the other night. As an owner of the early 2021 mk1 MG ZS EV your videos showing tips and trips using such a short range vehicle are fantastic! Iā€™d love to be able to sit in my Mk1 ZS EV while charging and use the HVAC but cannot find a way. Seriously bad when in rain or hot sun charging for long periods like out at Warwick on Xmas day last year! Do you have a tip or trick to do this with the Mk1? On both AC and on DC chargers? A video showing how would be great, but a comment here in this blog post would be appreciated too. Thanks and Regards H

    1. Hi Howard, great to hear from you, thanks for watching & please subscribe to channel and give the videos the thumbs up, it really helps šŸ™‚ Yes, it can be done on both AC & DC. I used to do it a lot when travelling longer trips but changed jobs and haven’t been doing big trips lately. From memory; make sure all doors are closed, but not locked, start charge as normal, get back into car and close doors, foot on brake and start car as usual. It should tell you it is charging but still bring in the HV contactors (you will hear them click) and you should be good to use A/c, radio etc. Just make sure the HV battery has engaged (the 12 volt battery display will show 13+ volts) or you will flatted the 12 volt battery.

      From memory I think that’s how it work. When I get a chance I will do a video on it though. Hope that helps.

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