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My EV BREAKDOWN | SURPRISING Cause & Roadside Towing Experience

Thumbnail photo of the Electric Car Australia YouTube video of our EV breakdown

After doing a DC rapid charge early one Sunday morning the little guy and I got a rude shock when our MG ZS EV wouldn’t start. This kicked off a painful 7 hour episode which I will share in the hope it saves you some of the headache we faced.

In this EV video of my EV ownership experience in Australia I’ll talk through the breakdown itself, my experience with the MG Roadside Service, a ‘must know’ about potential vehicle towing costs, assistance from Elanga the DC EV charger operator and the surprising suspected reason for the Mg ZS EV’s breakdown.

Whether you own and EV or not this video has some great lessons for all drivers. While I wont say it was a super fun experience, I’m glad it happened in a metropolitan shopping centre and not somewhere….shall we say less convenient!

I’m sure you will enjoy the video and I’m looking forward to reading your comments to see if you have had similar experience with towing, roadside assistance or EV Dealers. Check out my EV Breakdown video here:

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